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Why do people buy from MyPuzzle.com?

It’s pretty simple really. We understand that these puzzles are important to you. They represent a piece of your life that was so meaningful that you didn’t want it to be buried in your phone’s camera roll, never to be seen again.

Puzzles are important to us, too.

We work hard to make our puzzles the best; we only use industry-leading raw materials and manufacturing equipment from the most respected market leaders. Our sister company, Ludo Fact, produces all of our puzzles.

Because the pieces fit.

Our puzzle pieces are designed to lock together to create a superior puzzle building experience. We want you to enjoy your build!

Made in the USA

All MyPuzzle products for the US market are made in the USA. We look forward to producing your puzzle and helping you lock in a memory!

What makes the difference

Good reasons for mypuzzle.com

Our demands on every product we produce are very high.

Every puzzle is checked by us after every work step and undergoes another quality control before dispatch. Should you still have a complaint, please contact our support (support@mypuzzle.com), who will find a solution in your interest.
Our puzzle pieces interlock perfectly and are guaranteed to be unique within a puzzle.
As soon as you submit your order, your puzzle goes straight into production. Each puzzle is unique and is made just for you.
We will send your individually made puzzle no later than the 3rd working day after placing the order.
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